Senin, 03 Oktober 2011

Deer Lord..

I feel stoned with my condition these days, I got this super huge amount of assignments with such a little time. I have no time for myself.
I need to work this shit out to get scholarships, maintain good grades, study like an alexythimic.
I suffered so bad I need love so bad, I need compassion and I need her omg


What comes in your mind when you hear the word memories?
I sense an uncomfortability of yours but uncomfortabilty isn't even a word so..
Yeah people might thought that memories are always about bad stuffs etc like being dumped, stupefied (?), bad grades or even quarrels wiff parents omg.
But I myself thought that memories are made not to make people regret on certain stuffs but to be reflected, introspected, and to make every single of us to be a better person, not to curl down like a polar bear and cry.

There are lots of people who mistake their imagination for their memory. ~Josh Billings

Helloh world!

Uhm, so practically this is my blog.
I am Rafi, an Indonesian social retard, luckily has a sense of colorful chaos going on in what he wears lol.
I do not expect an overwhelming amount of followers or a flattering smudge of comments or emails like every other blogger but I just made this to show how I feel etc etc and to tell people what I did etc etc.
Seize the day!